Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sports Dilemma

We got a package from my mother-in-law today with Easter gifts for Connor. A Sponge-Bob book (whom I loathe, but my son loves), the Pinnochio DVD (her & my hubby's favorite Disney movie) and a baseball outfit. 

Connor loves baseball and enjoys watching the games on tv, but we are Red Sox fans. Always have been, always will, despite the fact that we grew up in NY. The in-laws still live in NY and went to the new Yankee stadium for an exhibition game last week. While there, they picked up a Yankees outfit for Connor. Now, do they really expect for us to put our future Red Sox fan in a Yankee outfit? That's just insanity!

So, what do we do with it? Take a picture, send it to them and then pack it away in a box? It seems unfair and unthrifty to do that. But I just can't imagine letting him wear that. It's just an abomination to our sports allegiances! 

Have you ever gotten a gift you don't want to use from your family? 

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iMommy said...

Gah! Horrific. Red Sox fans here, too.

I say take a picture and then pack it away. You may be able to gift it later if you have friends in the NY area, since you grew up there. :)