Thursday, April 16, 2009

Playground Friends

This week I decided to join in Mama Kat's writing workshop. I love reading every week. 

My participation is prompt # 5: Tell us about that thing that happened at the playground that time. 

Connor and I were at the park 2 weeks ago when he hit it off with another little boy about his age. They were immediately drawn to each other and played very nicely for over an hour together. The mom and I chatted and also hit it off. We agreed to meet back at the park the next week so the boys could play together. When we went to leave, I told Connor to say goodbye to the little boy. I expected a hug or a wave, but instead he walked right up to the boy and kissed him on the lips. Umm, yeah. I could hear what hubby would say if he saw that. But it's how he shows affection to us, so it's only natural that he would do the same with a playmate he had fun with. 

The next week, we met up again and the boys decided to make mulch pies on a little table that's part of the playground. When a little girl tried to play with them, he pushed her away, multiple times, despite my best efforts to get him to stop. 

We haven't seen them again yet as the mother was having a baby this week. But I'm sure that we'll meet up again. It's fun to see how Connor interacts with other kids, even if he is mean sometimes. 

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Diva Ma said...

It's nice to have someone to have playdates with. It is also wonderful for his social skills.

Diane said...

The kiss on the lips cracked me up. Not that there's anything wrong with that ;) I remember my little girl's first playground playmate... she grabbed his leg like a drumstick and took a big bite!

blueviolet@A Nut in a Nutshell said...

That completely cracked me up!

pam said...

It is fun to watch children play, and that pushing is part of it!

H.K. said...

I thought it was cute that your son kissed another boy, it shows you how affectionate he is. Can you believe our son's first grade teacher told us we needed to tell our son to stop hugging the other kids?

Love your blog found you via Mama Kat.