Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Today's Activities

Here's how yesterday went:

8am-breakfast/tv time
9am-Connor attempts to put his pajamas back on over his clothes. Tries to put the shirt on upside down. Fails, gets frustrated, cries, refuses my help, gets over it. 
9:20-Connor refuses to play with me and instead chooses to spend his time underneath our dining room table. 
10am-asks for a drink and snack
10:15-still won't play with me
11am-asks for lunch, i show him pictures of family to teach him their names. Repeatedly refers to Nana as "watch football" (referring to his last visit with her where they watched football, a lot). 
11:15am-we start to play with his trains, building a track and me talking about the color and number of trains we're playing with. 
11:30-he gets bored so I "hide" pieces to one of his puzzles in obvious places and ask him to go find them. 
11:35-finishes the puzzle and decides to play ball so we start to play catch
11:45-catch turns into "where's the ball?" with connor hiding the ball and then bringing it back to me and exclaiming "I found it!"
11:55-turns into "where's mommy?"
12-he brings me books in my hiding place and we read
12:30-I ask if it's time for a nap and he says "no!" and runs underneath the dining room table again. Plays quietly for a little while. 
12:50-we go upstairs for naptime
1pm-Asleep! Time to get some work done. 

2:30-Connor wake up grumpy, asks for Elmo, I guiltily put in an Elmo DVD for him
3:15pm-Finger Painting!
4pm-Daddy's home, so playtime with him
6:15pm-free play for the rest of the evening
9:30pm-bedtime routine and out for the night!

I'm exhausted, how about you?

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