Friday, January 23, 2009

New people

My family doesn't get out much. 

Our family lives far away and we are not originally from this area, so we don't have friends that we've known forever. Throw in the fact that my husband is not a very social person and it's easy to see why. 

Most of the friends I've made are from work. And Connor's friends were from daycare. But now that we're not going to work or daycare, we don't see a whole lot of people on a regular basis. So how do you go about finding playgroups?

I was a bit lost about how to do that. My friends up until now had always been made out of proximity. My friends in elementary, middle and high schools were ones in the same classes as me. The ones in college were my roommates or they lived on the same floor. At work, they were in the same department as me. But now, I have to search out people who have something in common with me. 

That's  bit intimidating. But here's my list:
Kids close to the same age as mine. 
Willing to meet-up for playdates. 
And the ever important "clicking." It's hard to find people who you can get along with and whose kids yours can get along with. 

Today, we met with our first playgroup and I'm hopeful it will lead to more gatherings. Of course if my son hadn't been playing escape artist I would have had a better chance to chat with the other moms. But that's for another time. 

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Crystal Jigsaw said...

I'm sure the friends will come easily once you're established. Moving to a new area is always difficult at first especially if you move as a family.

CJ xx