Saturday, March 21, 2009

Just... ew

A few weeks ago my husband went on a mission to catch the rat living in our attic. He tried a humane mouse trap first with no luck. Then he placed a night-vision camera to catch the action. He then discovered it was a large rat, not a mouse, that would never have fit into the humane trap, and he was too smart for the glue kind. So the snappy kind were set up instead. The rat was caught within a day and all was good. 

Within a few days, hubby thought he still heard scratching in the attic, but the camera didn't show anything. I told him to ignore it, it was probably just a tree branch scratching the roof. 

I was wrong. 

Today, I moved the stroller in our attic from near the ladder to the back part of the attic as I was rearranging things. Then I went back down the ladder with a box in my hands. As my head was nearing the opening, I looked to where the stroller had been and saw something gray and furry. And big. 

It was a dead rat. The companion of the deceased, the one I thought didn't exist. I froze and then proceeded down the ladder. I closed the attic up and called to my husband to dispose of it, which he gladly did. 

I hate rodents. They're diseased and they poop everywhere and are just plan nasty. I didn't want to go back into the attic after that, but I need the boxes of stuff out of my bedroom. I just hope there are no more rats hiding up there. 

Please rats, just leave us alone!


Jenn@mylifewiththecrazies said...

Ewww, Yuck! Thats all I can say! Good luck!

iMommy said...

Ack! I would have screamed. Then puked. I hate rats!