Saturday, March 7, 2009

I'm a thief!

It is gorgeous here again. :) Sunshine always makes me feel better. 

Yesterday we went to the commissary where I got 5 bags of groceries for a total of $65. My coupon-clipping, price-searching, sale-watching ways are finally starting to pay off. I also accidentally stole an apple. Connor likes to munch on one while we shop and then I just have them ring up one apple twice. But I went through the self-checkout and forgot. Oops. 

Then hubby got off work early so we went to the state park again. We walked for about an hour and little man had a great time picking up sticks and rocks and throwing them in the woods. Right before we turned around we came across a hanging ladder. It's one of those exercise things that is similar to a playground where you can hang on one bar or travel the length of it. Hubby of course had to try it out, which means Connor had to try it out. He loves to do this at the playground to, but he hasn't quite learned to grab the next bar. He'll just hang onto one bar for a couple seconds. Well this time my little he-man held himself up for over 30 seconds! That's some impressive arm strength. 

Then we get home and I have to finish grouting a few replacement tiles in our kitchen. The dog's water bowl was placed in the hallway so he could still have access to it. Of course this means Connor must pick it up and dump half of it out. Then he proceeds to step in it and walk all along the hallway taking wet, squishy steps. He thought it was great fun. So all in all, a pretty good day. I can't wait for more days where we can spend time outside. 


Jenn@mylifewiththecrazies said...

Sounds like an awesome day! Jeez... wish I could get groceries for 65$. We just got back from our super Walmart and spent *gasp* $265.00 ughhh

Crystal Jigsaw said...

Connor sounds so gorgeous.  He looks very brave while hanging on the monkey bars.  Amy has some too and has only just realised that you have move your hands on them, with extreme strength and determination.  CJ xx