Monday, June 8, 2009

Our love story, part 1

This Friday is DH and my 4th wedding anniversary. In honor of that, I'm going to fill you in on our classic love story. 

It all started in the 3rd grade. We were in the same class. I was new to the school due to zoning changes (there were 3 elementary schools in our district), he was new because his family had just moved to town. I honestly don't remember him at all. But he noticed me, and in his words became "intrigued" by me. I think that's a big word for a third grader, so I say that he fell in love with me then. I have pictures with him in them, but my main concerns back then were learning multiplication and trying to keep up with the other girls. 

Cut to 5 years late. We're now in 8th grade. My older sister is in high school and is friends with his older brother. I walked to his house with my sister; they lived about a mile down the street from us. While there, we saw their emus and wallaby, and I thought about how cool it is that they own those animals. (My in-laws used to raise emus in their backyard, and had a pet wallaby. There are many uses for emus that I never knew about before then.) Then we hung out in their house for a while. I remember this very shy boy that seemed my age. He spent most of the time not speaking and hanging out either on the stairs or on the other end of the couch as me. 

The following Monday, I got on the bus and noticed for the first time, that the brother is on the bus with me. We began talking and our friendship grew from there. 

We didn't have any classes together so our conversations were limited to the bus. I remember he used to tease me a lot. He had a peach fuzz mustache. He had very kind eyes. At the spring formal, where I went with another boy, I remember he seemed a little sad or annoyed. Over the summer I didn't see much of him, but our story was just beginning. 

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