Saturday, May 23, 2009

Boo boos and big news

This has been a big week for our family. 

First and the biggest news, hubby found out that he got promoted! This is a huge deal, and now he's a 1st class, which is considered senior enlisted. It means more responsibility and more expectations, but he's going to do awesome.

So to celebrate we went to a local deli. Now, we grew up in NY so our expectations in a deli are pretty high. But this one is run by a Jersey native and we've heard amazing things about it. It did not disappoint. Lots of pastrami and brisket. Yummy potato pancakes, and sandwiches the size of your head. A little pricey though so we won't be back too often. Definitely the best deli I've been to in a while though. 

Then for dessert we came back home and made strawberry bread. I had gotten the recipe from a friend and since strawberries are very in season and therefore cheap, I went for it. Let me just say, they're delicious. I'll post the recipe soon. Connor can't get enough of them. 

And then yesterday, Connor and I went to the zoo with our playgroup. We always have a great time there. He loves to see the lions and elephants. He's taken a huge interest in animals lately and can name quite a few. But of course he fell down while we were there. Scraped his elbow pretty badly and we had to go by the first aid station for a band aid and neosporin. Now he keeps taking the band-aid off and then acting devastated that he doesn't have one on. 

Today, we're off to the Strawberry Festival, to eat strawberries in 50 different ways and see the pig races. Gotta love it. 

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