Friday, February 6, 2009

The Home Office

We've been renovating our bathroom for the past month, which means all the bathroom stuff was in our office. That means that our office was pretty much unusable to me during the day as it wasn't exactly toddler-safe. Now that the bathroom is finally complete, all of the stuff is out of the office. And that means it is finally time to organize my office to be a usable place. One that Connor and I can spend some time in while I need to work and he won't get bored. 

I want to try and use the stuff that we have so we don't have to buy anything new. We have an old trunk that we use mainly for storage that I'm going to turn into Connor's activity area. I'll put chalkboard paint on the top and make some chalk for him to draw. I'll repurpose some baskets to store paper and crayons. Then I think I have an old phone somewhere that I can set up for him. Not sure what else I need to make the perfect office, but I'm sure that I'll figure it out. 

I'm looking forward to making the work-at-home thing work. 

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